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Academic events

Our organised academic events/sessions run could take the form of an introduction to the Bloomberg terminal, improving existing knowledge and/or giving insight.

Socials & Networking

Although one of the biggest societies in LUMS, we often collaborate with other societies to pull of larger events thereby giving our members the chance to network with students in other societies.

Career and Employability

With our connections in the industry, we regularly invite employers to give talks on what students should focus on while applying to top firms.

Events for Students

Exposure to the finance industry.

Our members benefit from many exceptional events, including City Careers Weekend, where members are able to gain insight from City professionals. Members can take part in our society’s Investment Fund to gain real world experience and have video conferences with professionals from City.

Solutions for Sponsors

Attract enthusiasts to your firm.

A prime way to get in touch and engage with students that are highly enthusiastic and interested in your field. Our members are passionate and you can help nurture their aspirations of working with/for you.

2016 LUMS Society of the Year

In recognition of our efforts for succesfully organising the annual LUMS city careers event we were awarded society of the year.

Society of the year

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