Business in the Middle East

This week, on Wednesday at 4pm in LUMS LT3, we will he having one of our very own alumni, Robin Watson, talk about business in the Middle East.
Specifically, the relations between the West and Middle East in different countries including Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain and UAE.
He will be discussing the culture and giving tips for those who are aspiring to have a career within the financial services.
He has 20 years of experience in financial sector and has plenty of knowledge on markets in the West as well as the Middle East.
Topics will include:
1. The Culture
2. Relations between the West and Middle East in different countries-Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain [Financial Center] for the region, Jordan, Egypt, Iraq and UAE.
3. Rules & Regulations [Regulators, Ministries, Sharia].
4. How the financial sector has evolved since the first Gulf War [1990-91] to present day.
5. Unsecured/Secured Lending [explanation will be provided].
6. Insurance Development.
7. Product Development.
8. Credit Reference Agencies and overcoming the Sharia rules for data sharing.
9. Risk and Rewards of working and living in Middle Eastern countries.
10. Tips for students aspiring a career in finance
This is an amazing opportunity for those are interested in businesses abroad and there will be a lot of information to gain and opportunities to network with an experienced alumni working in the financial sector!
Hope to see you all there!

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