Meet the Accounting & Finance Department

Sign up on this link to have a chat with one of these AcF Lecturers on your module choice, career paths or any tips and questions you have.
Sign up is REQUIRED in order to be able to attend.
Ac.F211 – Dr Shaohua He
Ac.F212 and Ac.F307 – Dr Pelham Gore
Ac.F213M/L – Mr Philip Wallace
Ac.F214M/L and Ac.F263M/L – Dr Alexey Akimov
Ac.F215 – Dr Sandra Nolte
Ac.F301 – Mr Paul Taylor and Dr Cathy Salzedo
Ac.F302 – Dr Shantanu Banerjee
Ac.F303 and Ac.F317 – Mr Brian Miller
Ac.F304 – Dr Jonatan Groba
Ac.F305 – Dr Alberto Martin Utrera
Ac.F308 – Dr Zoltan Novotny-Farkas
Ac.F321 – Dr Chelsea Yao
Ac.F322 – Dr Patricia Boyallian
Ac.F324 – Professor Ingmar Nolte
Professor Steve Young will be able to provide information on any modules not represented by the module director.
Prof Greg Pawlina and Dr Argyro Panaretou will also be available to provide information on Masters study and
Dr Sayjda Talib will be attending as Year 3 AcF Academic Tutor.
– Speak to lecturers about your Masters applications
– Learn more about ACF module options (for modules next term/minor modules)
– Interact with lecturers in an informal setting
We highly encourage attendance from students in all Management School departments!
Free refreshment will also be provided.
We look forward to seeing you there 🙂
Sign up for the event on the link below:

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